Module 2 – Twitter Use

After I opened my Twitter account, I began to follow my classmates and some professional education sites, as well as some theologians and/or their organizations. The majority of tweets from the theologians and organizations were links to their websites or to specific articles on their websites. This did not seem to be very helpful, either for education or for personal use.

Sending a tweet was easy enough, but 140 characters is awfully short! I’m not sure I could do much tweeting.

I could see using tweets for questions from students in a large class, but my graduate classes are all less than 25 students, so my students are comfortable asking or commenting in class. I could send announcements to the students in a tweet, but that would be only a one-way communication, unless I subscribed to all their accounts (not planning to do that!!!). However, we use a Learning Management System (eRacer) for both traditional and online classes. I’m not sure there is anything that I would tweet that I could not post on the LMS.

At this point, I’m not seeing much practical use of Twitter in the classroom.


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