Module 4 – Moodle Chat

I participated in last night’s moodle chat (for me, it was a 5:00 am chat since I’m out of the US). There were only three of us, but even then our conversation tended to be a little disjointed, since by the time one of us typed out a comment or question, someone else had posted and they were heading in a different direction.

Some of my classmates commented on the time lag between typing and the posting. If they are referring to the time it takes to actually type out the message, then I understand. I am in the Ukraine right now, on a rather poor connection, but I was surprised at how fast the post appeared after hitting the enter button. Since moodle is free and the chat system is quite simple (with little to go wrong and basically no instructions needed), I could see adding this, not so much for a classroom chat session (10-15 people on a chat could be disastrous!), but for one-on-one during “office hours” and for student-student interaction.


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