Module 4 – Skype Messaging

I am very comfortable with texting on my phone, so I thought I would try the Skype messaging to stretch my knowledge base. Setting up Skype was a royal pain. I am in the Ukraine right now, so Skype came up in Ukrainian (or Russian – I can’t tell the difference). There may have been an option to switch to English, but I could not find it, so it took me a while to figure a “back door” to Skype in English.

Setting up Skype was simple enough. I added Norm to my contacts, and apparently he accepted my invitation, since he is now one of my contacts. However, I skyped a message to him and have not heard back. So I’m wondering if I did it right. I see the message I think I’ve sent, but that’s all.

Students talk about texting all the time, or facebook messaging, but I’ve never heard one of my students talk about Skype messaging a friend. I’m not sure, therefore, that I would use this for class. My wife and I love to see the grandkids on Skype and will certainly continue using it for that! smile


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