Module 6 – Prezi

I have done videos and podcasts in the past. Jing is pretty simple to use. So I decided to do a Prezi. I have used Powerpoint for years and it works quite well for me. I’m a linear thinker and Powerpoint reinforces that kind of thinking.

Prezi, however, was a challenge. It is anything but linear. The learning curve is not bad; the program is pretty intuitive. But the instructions are not very helpful. My initial finished product was, frankly, pretty crummy. So I revised, and revised, and revised. This short presentation took a little over two hours. It would have taken me about five minutes to do this much Powerpoint, although I probably would have spent 1-2 hours when I was first learning Powerpoint.

I can see some positive uses of Prezi. The first thing that came to my mind was to use it in my church history or Baptist history class to create a time line. The various events could be placed in specific years or decades or centuries on the time line.

Because I am so linear, however, I do not see Prezi replacing Powerpoint in my classes.


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