Module 7 – Teach Back

This week we were required to teach the rest of the class something about cheating or academic integrity in the classroom, or teach the class about a MOOC. Since I deal with graduate level theology students, I do not worry too much about cheating. I don’t mean by that they these students are so sterling that they would never do this, but only that if a seminary student would cheat on a test or a quiz, they have already failed in their ministry.

I am interested in the MOOC concept, so I created a Jing to give some basic information. This JING also gives some hints on succeeding as a MOOC student, should the desire ever become overwhelming. It also includes a link to a MOOC currently being offered – you can check it out at As of this writing, the MOOC is already four weeks old, so it’s too late to get thoroughly involved, but it was an interesting introduction.

My Teach Back can be found at 


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